Warm Words

March 24, 2017

Dear Daughter,

I remember your first meal,
using your fragile fingers to construct a violent mess.

I remember your sixth birthday,
decorating a chocolate cake with frosting as pink as your favorite dress.

I remember your first date,
rambling about sharing the strawberry shortcake shake.

I remember when we bought you your first car,
driving home with a coffee covered carpet, Dad’s heart full of ache.

I remember when you turned twenty one,
celebrating and drinking all that alcohol.

I remember when your heart first broke,
diving into vanilla bean ice cream with sprinkles of tears and eating it all.

I remember your first apartment,
coming home to a fridge with empty space.

I remember your wedding,
toasting with champagne and a cake covered face.

I remember your daughter’s first meal,
moving on from the bottle when she could finally chew.

I remember my last meal,
spending it with you.


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