Symbol of Strength

March 24, 2017
By RoseTula BRONZE, Royal Oak, Michigan
RoseTula BRONZE, Royal Oak, Michigan
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That tree represented what happened in that wild storm.

He went from being strong and imposing,
To be just a trunk with some sad broken branches.

Those branches not only reflected the storm,
       but also told a story.
Those branches were attacked violently for hours that seemed endless.

His roots clung to the earth in attempt to resist such violence.
But even the strongest can be knocked over.

His constant struggle allowed him to remain standing,
        though not as strong as before.
That tree that used to be leafy,
Remained with a decayed appearance and with few leaves,
The poor fighter lost his cozy essence,
          the storm snatched it away.

Luckily for him, a group of compassionate teens came to help him
Unfortunately, he had to lose some of his branches that had been devastated.
But he kept the strongest branches,
those unconditional ones that no one could overthrow.

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