Fish Prep

March 24, 2017
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My digital watch reads 8:00am.
10 animals, 5 meals, 100 lbs of fish.
T minus 4 hours.

The sinks fill with cold water,
as fish thaw.
T minus 3 hours.

I examine each fish...
for eyes, fins, and no cuts.
T minus 3 hours.

I read the weight, plop the fish in a bucket,
and place it in the fridge with a name tag on top.
T minus 2 and ½ hours.

My digital watch reads 10:00am as the first show begins—
I’m halfway...
T minus 2 hours.

I’m running out of fish, so
I thaw more while I bucket the rest.
T minus 1 hour.

I look at my watch as it turns 12:00.
I finish sorting.
T minus 0 minutes.

I watch as the sea lions perform.
They talk. They clap. They salute. They get a fish.
T minus 23 hours until tomorrow’s show.

I relax
until my digital watch reads 8:00am...and fish prep begins again.
T minus 4 hours.

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