Don't take food for granted

March 24, 2017
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Chicago isn’t perfect.
I am from the southside . . . dirty, devastating, and dark.
The homeless hurt with little hope . . . and constant hunger.

The heartbreak of winter devastates.
I have difficulty traveling to get food...suffering and miserable.
On cold nights, unemployed Mom is unable to put a dinner on the table...starving and sad.

Unable to participate in after school activities —
an empty stomach leaves me without energy to exercise or play sports.
Hunger affects school, athletics and all aspects of my life.

Friends and family provide meals for me,
warm dinners at Grandmother's house . . . happy and joyful.
I hangout with friends just to put food into my stomach . . .

Mom is nervous about me leaving the house,
going home starving every night: a vicious cycle.

The cycle just continues . . .

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