Adam Brown

March 24, 2017
By , Royal Oak, MI

You worked your way from Seal team 2,
To the highly elite unit of Devgru,
No one would imagine the things you would do.
From a life of drugs and addiction ,
If people heard your story,
They might think it’s fiction.

Your fingers were severed in a crash,
but god loved you because you got them back.
You would get hurt again,
from a stray simunition round,
You took it straight to the eye
You were one invincible guy.

Then to Sniper school,
you were the first,
to pass the class,
With a eye made out of glass.

Then to Seal Team 6,
the best of the best,
to get you in was such a mess.
However every Seal could attest ,
you were not like the rest.

March 17,2010
The day you were taken away
Your memory,
Engrained in Naval Special Warfare history,
will never fray.

While many still cry,
Everyone knows heroes get remembered,
But legends never die.

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