March 23, 2017
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A feeling most desire

That feeling of fame

Like when you walk into a room

And everyone knows your name.

But what if you want popularity,

And that popularity doesn't want you?

What if you're not accepted?

Or you can't fit in?

How would you feel?

Lost like a child in the forest.

Maybe you feel free,

Free to be yourself,

Free to make your own choices.

So maybe you're not popular at the end of the day,

Like that jock in the letterman jacket who walks down the hallway.

But it doesn't matter because you're a star

And remember,

There's no better you

Than the you that you are.

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TomM83 said...
Apr. 1 at 11:17 am
The poem "Popularity" really struck a cord with me. The author has a such a marvelous way of bringing the reader into the very depths of self acceptance and realizing ones self-worth. It is truly impossible to appease them all. We must focus on those who are truly important to us; our family, a handful of good friends, and most importantly our selves. Great Job Brandon!!! Follow your Dreams!!!
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