Welcome to the World

March 23, 2017
By , Houston, TX

Wrapped in a blanket woven by love

given to us, by God, 

and created in the heavens above

stronger than a lion

more beautiful than a swan

there's no denying

that you were meant to be ours


If you ever fall

you can count on your family

to help you stand tall

one day you'll be big and buff

but for now you are small and frail

not tough


While not everyone who should be here to love is

they love you from Heaven

where they once saw you play

till it came the day when God called your name

and said it was your time to be born 


If you need to cry, there are over a dozen shoulders to lean on

Need to talk? More than a thousand ears to listen 

You are never alone, because your family and God

would never leave you alone 

enjoy life baby boy, and all it's joy!

Welcome to the world!

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