7 years old

March 23, 2017
By , thorton, CO

                  I was 7 years old, when all it started.
      I was 7 when I started comprehending.
I was 7 when I started looking into the real world.
      I could see the good future and the bad future.
             I didn't know what future should I take either the
             the good way or the bad way. 
                     Me and my self were different..
              I was a completely different person.
       I need help, I needed help to pick which way to go.
I got all the help I  needed but suddenly I choice the bad way and my life sucks.
            I live on the street,got addicted to the drugs and know I am running away from the cops.
Every night I cry cause my life sucks and I wish
                                                 I could turn back time when I was 7.

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