Care Giver

March 23, 2017
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I am hurting, everywhere I am hurting

I can’t stop the pain, it goes on and on

For hours and days, and when it seems to

Go away it really doesn’t end the pain.

I sometimes think about it now and then

But really it’s just how and when.

It might be because of work and school

But really it’s just what I’m going through.

I haven’t got much sleep because of that

And sometimes I feel like I’m a brat.

But what’s that I see faraway,

It’s an object that has the color grey.

I ran and ran till I could see,

But suddenly fell down and scrapped my knee.

I got back up thinking of nothing,

Until I got ahold of something.

I looked up and saw a face that had

The resemblance of an empty space.

I looked at it for a while,

And it suddenly made me smile.

I saw my mom’s face appear,

And it started to make me shed a tear.

I felt happy in every way,

And felt as if I have found a pathway.

As I hug my mom I remember

That she is the one I will love forever.

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