Optimism 1241

March 23, 2017
By , Allston, MA

Just found a 100 on the floor

Just met a cute girl at my door
Just got my new train pass
And got so many diamonds
I don’t need glass
Banks can’t hold my money
Now my mom can make honey
Now his hate I’ve absorbed in
And my mirror reflected it
And the hater, I burned him
Like an ant, with a sunbeam
Then I stomped on him
With my new Gucci boots
Found a big house for my fam
Bought all the clean suits
Now I dress like Cam
And I rhyme like Em
My problems been chasing me
And I ran like Usain
Now I am in the USA
And there is no bad thing
That he can say
You can’t match my bling
But he can pray
That on the same team
We will be one day

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