No Words

March 23, 2017
By , Cambridge, MA

I have
            no words
To give life
           To love and hate
To give a form which the world will remember
Words are
                                            too noisy for my soul
I lost my words
          How         No words to answer that

I just know
one day they were there
Before I avoided the loneliness
Of a real
            unsaid me
Before you became too full of love
                                 for the idea of me
And trapped
           my freedom
                         in poems about a love I never knew
Not for you
             Not once

And I used so many words to lie
                When the only I really needed
                                                          were the ones
                                                                             I didn’t say:
I loved
          to be loved
                         by words
But if loving someone
                                          giving my words
I have no words to give.         

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