The Story of Life

March 23, 2017

Your story never ends
Our story never ends
As long as it is told
The story never ends
The story of life

Young and old; we all write the story together
When disagreements arise we find a way
When supremacists arise we protest
When there is peace we let it be
We learn from the story of life

What is this story you speak of, they say
You shall reply these words

The story of life is what we preach
The story of us
It is how we make our mark on this world
The only connection with those who’ve left
Our heroes write in it to inspire us
It is our legacy
The story of life

They laugh
They don’t understand so they laugh
You understand
You must be the one to take a stand

Teach them
Preach to them
Show them how to add to the story
The story of life

Show them the battles we’ve won
Teach them to learn
Learn from their mistakes
Learn to accept
Learn to laugh; not at the story of life, but at themselves
Learn to fight for themselves
To live in the story of life

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