March 23, 2017

Reggaeton. Music filled with energy,
Every time it’s blasting through speakers.
With new music every century,
We get up and dance with our sneakers.

Reggaeton. Music from Latin and South America,
Danced by all the multiple Latinos.
Singing and dancing at the casinos
To music by popular artists from Columbia.   

Reggaeton. Perfect for any dance choreographies,
Dancers swing their arms and hips to the fascinating beat,
Performing the songs filled with stories,
By having dancers break a sweat.

Reggaeton. Sometimes identified as “Dem Bow”,
The beat of the heavy drum.
Dancing with the flow of the music really low,
Getting anxious for the beat to come.

Reggaeton. Dancers dancing presently with a thin line of sweat,
With their active bodies, having a smile on each one of their faces,
As the audience cheers waiting for the ending that has not happened yet.
The girls stomping their heeled wedges.

Reggaeton. Music interpreting salsa, cha-cha and samba.
The dancers ready to dance their final act,
Knocking everyone out with their moves, leaving them in a state of coma.
They danced music that representing their culture, Reggaeton.

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