Lost Dreams

March 23, 2017

Lost causes, lost dreams
That’s what everything seems to be
It starts the moment you rise from your dreams
You see it all through eyes
The world
A broken down playground full of infinite possibilities
None of them are visible to you
You feel like an outcast

Hide in the abyss of your thoughts
Create a new image of yourself
Choose one now
Or forever hold your silence
Then stand alone, suffering
No key could open your lock now

Maneuver your way through these bees
The one’s that judge as you walk by
Cover your ears, so you don't hear the buzz of criticism
The only thing you could do

Scream at the top of your lungs!
Go ahead, try
Silence comes out, nothing more
Your switch has been toggled
To silence thoughts posing threats

Open eyes
Observe, you’re not the only
With lost causes, lost dreams

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