March 22, 2017
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I am addicted.
I am addicted to games
-the reason why I suck at games because I got homework to do. Not like you playing games a lot
In my addiction, my life is filled with a lot of fun
In my addiction, I feel glad about games because they help me to calm down every time I’m mad
My sister is so spoiled
She gets all the stuff!!
I get nothing because I’m a big boy

I am addicted.
I am addicted to Disney land because I always wanted to go to Disney land since I was little boy
-The reason why I want to go to Disneyland is because of the big boy ride
The big boy ride is so long and fast and scary
It goes sideways all the time. 
In my addiction, I hate to think about Mickey Mouse talking and his big ears

In my addiction, the real me becomes superman and when I’m gaming
I beat up everybody in the world
I play Destiny in my house because it is awesome when I play Destiny   
You get to double jump and shoot
I am addicted.

I am addicted to Mexican burritos because they fuel up my energy

In my addiction, betrayal comes in the form of my mom
she comes in my room and says it’s time to eat. I say later mom plzz give me 5 minutes.

In my addiction, I struggle to stop playing game

I am addicted.

I am addicted to basketball

In my addiction, I am hiding my games

In my addiction, I’m in a constant battle with my sister because she is mean

I am addicted.

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paccman said...
Apr. 3 at 4:10 pm
i wish i was smart like you
paccman replied...
Apr. 3 at 4:10 pm
everybody is smart
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