The Untitled Recipient

March 22, 2017

You’re literally so amazing, you’re literally the best.
You’re literally so astonishing that you’re incomparable to the rest.
We are so close and that is so great
That I am so lucky to have known you at this rate.
I think we’re kind of awesome, actually.
We kind of fit each other passably.
But… I warned you.
It was the disclosure you knew.
I am dangerous and unaffordable.
An unstable explosive that is equally unsupportable.
I am addictive
And utterly dismissive.
Relinquished with boredom from the toys I carry
In routine restock, my obsessive habit is scary.
I use
I abuse.
The return of my items, of my short lived little avocation
They are the residue of my ADD and “boredom” condemnation.
I am a drug, worse than cocaine.
I am a walking drughouse campaign.
Heroine doesn’t compare
I am breathing warfare
They should lock me up, sign with “BEWARE”
I’m the equivalent of a human nightmare
I can hurt you devastatingly
But withdrawals are worse... excruciatingly.
Once attached, it’s almost undetachable.
Anything you’ve offered me is almost unretractable.
I am the high you get only once in existence.
I highly advise to keep your distance.
Ha, and the irony is I am so audacious that I invite you out to play.
To get you into my warzone and there I can have my way.
You’ll be so high, so euphoric
That the mere sound of my words are rhetoric.
After I have you all primed and splayed as a naked soul
After I have taken your most unmaterialistic pieces and done my toll
After I have drained you of your mysteries and taken your secrets
After I’ve picked you apart and fed you my sweetness
I will drop you
I will have my fill of your vulnerability and obstruct your supply
Your supply to me and the end I cannot describe
(I do not want you to become residue
I do not want a fleeting memory of you)
I am a walking catastrophe
And I am so sorry you are caught in the wreckage of me
Because in short, and plain.
I am terrified of myself and the way I inflict pain.
Don’t fall in love with me…
I am incapable of the love you want it to be

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