The Price We Have To Pay

March 23, 2017
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Everyone has a price to pay in this universe;
A favor we owe,
A sacrifice we must make,
A gift we bestow.
If only I had known.
On that stretch across the miles and miles of empty road.
The space between us.

So close, Yet so far.
Everything is blurry once again.
The sound of a million human hearts breaking at once.
The cacophony of costs we commit to,
I’m still beholden to the cosmos.
For every joy we experience,
A sorrow must be avenged.
Everyone pays for their mistakes.
The fragility and beauty of existence.
We are all human,
But some of us are more human than others.

Nothing is ever free in this world.
Waiting for someone who will never show,
An empty seat at the table
A broken pair of glasses
A book left unfinished
I sat alone.

This negative silence surrounds us.
The distance between us.
The way you look at me now.
This void is relentless.
Silence, repression, depth
Ache, rattling bones, heartbeat

A solemn reminder,

A storm is dying out,

A color is fading away.

The lights have turned off.

An echo of the remnants

Of your warm, pulsating heart

Dissipates amongst the stark silence.

I’m cold again.
You may have a plan,
But God laughs.
Is this the price we have to pay?

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