My Prince can Wait

March 22, 2017
By , Houston, TX

Why do they all lie?

Why is it that I cry?

When they're the jerk

that made me hurt

I'm so unsure 

if I should believe them anymore 

When they say I love you, when they say I care

When they call me beautiful, or caring and kind

those stupid boys, make me lose my mind


So why do I keep falling for those words?

Even after I've heard them all before

I guess you gotta kiss some frogs 

in order to find your prince

but I won't stop searching

I am not convinced 

that I don't have a prince 


Even if I get hurt 

I won't let it get me down

because I am a princess,

wearing a beautiful crown,

I will continue to wear my heart on the sleeve of my gown

because I am a princess who has everything she needs

so I won't hesitate, to say....

My prince can wait!

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