March 22, 2017
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I leave the door unlocked
I leave the lights on…
Expectant you’ll come home,
But you never do…
Punctuality was never your forte.
But everytime I sit
And wait,
and wait,
and wait.

I hope you’re at peace
Wherever you ended up
Just know that never again
Will I wait,
and wait,
and wait
Disappearing must’ve been your best act
But in a sense where the crowd
and waits,
and waits…
For you to comeback.

The difference is
We were the crowd.
Only to be disappointed ,
By the show being cut too soon.
Never did I think that
I would be let down by you.

I’ve learned to live with it.
But what do I tell the others?
You’re gone?
Never coming back?
You were always good,
At leaving
right when you’re needed most…

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