Life can change

March 19, 2017
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Man it's so crazy how life can really change I've grown up to learn life is just a game
I've been torn down and built back up but never did I think my life could be so messed up
I'm questioning life on so many different levels it's unreal no matter how many times people say they get me they don't even know half the spill
From being in love to being without love in my heart I'm tired of being the only one without being loved from the start
You broke my heart once and I'm giving you another chance and you still can't even show me you've grown up to be a got dam man
I should've known from the start you hadn't changed your part the same old lies and I'm crying the same old tears I'm starting to realize this cycle gets old after three and a half years
You think you know me right ? Boy you don't even know half the stuff that goes on in my life
You don't know the pain of living in a broken home having no one to ever hold you close
You don't know how it feels to have a dad who throws back beers and alcohol left and right and who doesn't want you to succeed so he can control your life
You don't know how it feels to be talked about behind your back everyday and that same person who said something about you is smiling in your face
You don't know me like you think you do
My mama told me its a cold world out their baby girl better be careful people will come in and out your life trying to destroy what's right so watch your back and continue living life

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