Roller Coaster

March 18, 2017

Life is a roller coaster 

That keeps on going even when you scream stop.

May be peaceful for one moment 

But then

you drop or twist and turn

When you reach the bottom and you think

that it can't get worse. It does.

And when you think the pain is almost gone

it comes back worse than ever.


Life is a roller coaster

that will never meet the safety precautions

A ride that you never chose to get on

One that is slow one moment and fast the next

One that can make you feel all emotions

All rolled up into one


Life is a roller coaster

but even roller coasters end

So stay on

And cling to your friends

Scream with your family

And hold on to the ones closest to you.

Because if you do

Maybe, just maybe 

you might survive


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