His Last Words

March 18, 2017
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As her gaze strikes on him,
He wasn’t looking like what she imagine,
His short silky hair dipped in blood,
Wounds and scars on whole body,
Someone had stabbed him on left arm,
Few arrows struck in his waist,
Sweat trickling down his forehead,
And so blood from his beard,
But still with smile on face,
Shine and fascination in eyes,
He gazed her making her heart ponder,
With sweet accord he whispered in her ear,
“My dear! Don’t worry, I’m fine,
I sacrificed my life to save my land,
To save my people I chose death,
As calm as ocean, now I can feel,
To be martyred is to have another life,
A life full of pleasures, a life with comfort,
But not here, in Heavens above”

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isanoell17 said...
Apr. 20 at 10:07 am
soo nice loved it :)
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