Betrayal at House on the Hill

March 17, 2017
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Flickering flashlight in hand,
Voices calling me from where I stand.
Exploring a lone house atop a hill,
It’s very presence giving me a chill.
Carefully opening new doors,
Avoiding blood spilled on the floors.
The floorboards suddenly creak,
Breaking under my weight, I shriek.
Down to the basement I plunge,
Thankfully I land on some sort of soft sponge.
The air stinks around me and suddenly gets thick,
I feel disoriented and I am struck with a brick.
Coming to with a welt on my head,
I realize there is something here that wants me dead.
Stumbling and falling I rise,
Screaming for help but no one hears my cries.
Banging on the door of this room,
I am about to face my inevitable doom.
A figure cackling from behind,
My mental stability quickly declined.
As the figure creeps nearer,
The features of it’s face is somewhat clearer.
The familiar curves I can now see,
I realize that this creature resembles me.
I am kicking and screaming with all my might,
And suddenly I am woken up by the burning sunlight.

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