Death Do Us Part

March 17, 2017

I walked along the hooking path,
unaware of what it would lead to.
I took my first turn, deciding to go left
with all of my friends. We spent months wandering,
trying to find the next turn. Who would have know that this
mysterious, bitter liquid we discovered could alter our inner nature
and let the most unforgettable memories slip away so easily.
We never worried that dependency would have the ability to consume us and
take over, yet effortlessly, it was able to do that and more.
It caused one of the greatest heartaches and most unbearable amounts of pain.


One night when we all were gathered, and began sipping the sauce,
he left because he did not want to deal with  anymore.
Another one of them saw me as an advantage and knowingly took action. I was left with
an unfinishable puzzle I was now supposed to put back together myself. Although,
that did not begin to compare to my friend who never ventured off this path.
This path that was able to suck her of all recollection and obligate self-destruction.
I knew she had finally caught herself a break one day when I saw her lying there, pale, lifeless. I felt helpless and guilty because I saw the turn on the right
and brought no one along with me.
And now she is gone,

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