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March 17, 2017

You are a top prospect in an isolated Ohio high school.
Conquering every challenge on the court shooting directly your way.
Deciding to step back from the experience of a University
Separating your uniqueness from future colleagues

You see yourself on the cover of Sports Illustrated, wearing the number twenty three
and feeling accomplished, until
the media endlessly bombards you with questions,
already comparing you to basketball's greatest
And the cameras beaming into your eyes making you accustomed to the spotlight
You will be forced to shine in

Several men in suits surround you on the court while you perform your
gifted talents, the likes of which the game has never seen
After the long vigorous hours of work building the eighteen year old muscles
to be able to succeed in the Association

You know the expectations only get higher

After all the dreadful conditioning, and ceaseless basketball
You finally are able to celebrate with friends and family
Sitting at a round table, and neighboring future stars.
Though your nerves are tingling throughout your large stature 

The commissioner walks directly to the podium
You sit with jitters from nerves and excitement
He opens the envelope, pauses for a second.
“With the first pick in the 2003 NBA Draft”
The crowd behind you roaring, chanting your name
“the Cleveland Cavaliers select… ”

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