Clockwork Beasts

March 15, 2017

Behind locked doors the secrets take shape
From whispers lingering in the air they flock to each other
And join to become one
Solid armor forms to encapsulate the darkness
While a smile is permanently smudged across the blank face

Inside the house with open eyes and lips pressed tightly together
The locked doors are ignored
Visitors keep their sight glued to the crimson and starry blue carpet beneath their feet
No matter how loud the visible screams behind the doors become
The bodies of secrets peer through cracks in the wood
To observe the uncaring ankles passing by

The woman walks into the house on a stormy night
Windows reflecting her inner thoughts are now in front of her eyes
Reflecting the trees outside the castle that is so much like herself
But the demons from her dreams explode inside the closed rooms
And attack her as she stands on the long walked-on carpet
Her eyes once open become forever shut
Her lips break open but

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