Inherent Flaw

March 15, 2017

I have a problem,
Mr. Trump.
I hope you can help.

I have an addiction,
Mr. Pence.
I hope you can help.

I have a disease,
Mr. Bannon.
I hope you can help.

I’ve got to have help,
Let me tell you.
A minority
(Cleanse me!
  Make it so
  my tears can flow!)
(Shock me!
  Make my brain
  Right again!)
Simple immigrant
(Kill me!
  Save the rest
  From certain death!)
Woman with child
(Save it!
  Burden me
  With Liberty!)

Do it for the American Dream,
Make it glow, make it gleam!
Make it the haven it once could be— 
Make it great again!

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