Antithesis of Life

March 15, 2017

Come, sunrise, and save me from this grey;
The world was once black and white:
Night and day, but now it hangs suspended
In an accursed half-light;
Half-life, half-lie, half-humanity.
Give me all or nothing;
I don’t function in almost’s, maybe’s, and nearly’s;
Give me a joy that engulfs and consumes me
Or give me a sadness that is soul-shattering,
Sending me to my knees with its pain.
I live with fire and water within me,
Self-destructive and self-empowering:
Entwined together in beautiful chaos.
Therefore, everything in me rejects this world
That spins together good and evil into one
Along with its other lies and twisted intentions;
No, there is light and shadow
And colours you just can’t combine;
There is a defiant boldness in contrasts
And in contrasts one perceives oneself as human.
To every left there is a right,
To every lie there is a truth,
And to every fear there is a bravery
To stand up and say, “I’m not giving up.”
Thus I shall live as a glorious conflict,
Ever-fighting, ever-defying, ever-living
Against this twilight world
That is only half of what it could be.
Give me all your heart or none at all
And let reign the defining differences
Between the sun and the moon as they fight
For control and precedence over the sky;
And I shall exist in the ceaseless crossfire of the ages
On the line between extremes
That resist all tame reason and peace,
Proudly obliterating the greys of society
With the wildly colourful disorder of my life.

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