This is to my best friend

March 21, 2017
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This is to my best friend. You know exactly who you are. The one who knows everything about me, all the way down to my brand of toothpaste. The one who knows how old I am to the day. The one who’s mother calls me her favorite child. The one who doesn't care what anyone thinks about her yet has 1,000 friends who love her. The one who's home is my home. Her family, my family.
This is to my best friend. The one who always has frozen pizzas at home, and a bunch of water bottles under her bed. The one who chugs down the water and then stores all her empty water bottles so she can twist it to hit me with her cap rockets. The one who eats all the yellow candies I hate.
This is to my best friend. The one who knows exactly what's wrong with just a glance in my direction. The one who knows when I need some chocolate to get through my next class. The one who knows exactly where my favorite restaurant is. The one who bases half of her grocery list off of my favorite foods. The one who will stay up until 4 am with me binge watching Netflix. The one who ride around in a child's play car...and trust me we are not kids.
This is to my best friend. The one I appreciate so much. The one who keeps my going. The one who will read this and say, “this describes our relationship perfectly”. This is to my best friend.

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