Chronicles of Melancholy

March 21, 2017
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What do you do when you're afraid of the dark

Not necessarily the absence of light
but the feeling you get when all of the lights are off
Your imagination runs wild through the woods of your mind
Creating monsters with claws and teeth for ripping flesh from bone




What do you do when the vivid imagery shakes you awake as you start to dream
When the demons dance before your very eyes and nobody can convince you they aren't real
And what do you do when you start to feel the claws on your back
The teeth on your neck
Your heart draining of blood from a wound nobody else can see




All the lights are on in the house
Everybody thinks I'm crazy
Preferring to sleep during the day
When all the monsters hide
When the darkness is kept to the recesses of your mind
The shadows can't get to you when the sun is so bright




See my mind is the monsters
How do you hide from yourself?
How do I kill this monster?

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