March 21, 2017
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where do i begin?

to tell the tale if how ungrateful love can be

a story of dispair thats as old as the sea

the lies about our love how untrue it could be 

where do i start?


with the first goodbye

she took away the meaning to my love filled life

words were said and into my heart she stuck a knife

she came into my life and made a living strife

she broke my heart


she filled my heart with very evil things

with devil songs, with dark immagings

she filled my soul with so much love

that where i go i am always lonely

with her gone who could be happy

i reach for her hand and its never there


how long will it last?

can hate be measured by the hours in a day?

i have no answers now but this much i can say

i know ill always love her till the moon falls out of phase

ill always be here

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