March 20, 2017
By Jalan1001 BRONZE, Forest Park, Illinois
Jalan1001 BRONZE, Forest Park, Illinois
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I saw a reflection it was powerful. Strong, abrasive, not- conforming and responsible. I saw a reflection of someone who hustled, who had stamina. I was humbled to see this person....I was even challenging myself to be this person....A little intimidated of this first....This reflection, I did not want to let down, I was in Aw of wondering how to stand up to and not disappoint.....Woe what a reflection!!.....Wait.....Please listen!!!I saw a reflection of someone who I was intrigued to get to know...
Wait....Wait.....  Let me tell you a reality,  I received an award from the first black President. I'm an honors student. In 7th grade my reading score was at a tenth grade level. I've participated in community service since fourth grade. I am a big brother to several youths in Chicago. As I graduate, I am off to a great high school. I was in the Forest park newspaper in 2016 last year with my team we built a robot, I had my support system with me to cheer me on. I keep seeing this reflection bold and combatant the views, the intellect, strong reasoning.  This reflection keeps coming.   Let me go on I participate at feeding families at Ronald McDonald House, I volunteer at the library.  I do community service every weekend with my family.

"The challenge is to not let others keep you down but to challenge yourself and your mind and keep moving forward". Stated by my Mother.

As I graduate, I am already more determined to soar higher, oh relax . I'm going to go pass the stars. Well, you don't know yet do you??? 

I thought that reflection initially was you. 
Know it's me and it's the powerful women  and men in my life.   Reflections...Reflections ..Yes, REFLECTIONS!!!!  Ha well you never broke me.. You never did!!!! I was told to always be respectful to you. I promised I would.  Yet, at my graduation where I am sitting with honors.  I've decided not to give you a ticket to my graduation, because you are not the reflection of a Man, I am becoming nor that Reflection I seen. You did not mold me.  I would hold these reflections and stay true to these reflections, thank you for allowing me to see the reflections of great people and myself clearly.

So that when I raise my children, I am the personification of this reflection of this true reflection.

Wow thank you for allowing me to elucidate you for once.

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Struggles yet the reality is not the world but a person who has not been as significant yet wants to be recognized and put on a pedestal.  A person who believes they have and impact and the reality they have created nothing but me a person who belies I should listen but another person says to be respectful at the end of the day. Okay, so the story must continue greatness will await.  I have other people who are that significant person and not this person

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