A wandering pt.1

March 20, 2017

Does a flower that is late to bloom,

Sas sweet as all the other ones?

Small kid, tear-stained eyes

Says the other kids call him dumb.

Says they have a hit out on his heart

Says it beats to another drum

Music never helped him overcome

Yesterday he reached for the gun


Why the world gotta take a soul

Why does hate always have a home

When runaway kids flee from light

Trying to find one of their own


Son of Man, Son of Sam, same

Inhabit the recesses of one's brain

Same death, same cult, same

Split into a human frame


Black skies, black skin, black

Black lies, white ones, black

Moonlight, black blood, blue

Black sons, white sons, you

Saw me with my hands up

So why the hell did you have to shoot?

My friends wish lives mattered

I wish sometimes too


But do they come true....?


Im not sad, this world is just sick.

I cough 'cause the air is thick.

If we melt our mountains to the sea

We still couldn't drown regrets in it.


If you find a path to Zion and

I myself indulge in Dante's course

Tell me how the air is there.

Is its beauty worth some unholy wars?


But if your roads aren't paved in gold

And Fate has other plans for you.

I won't judge, I wont mock your fall

There's fire and ice there for us all.

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