March 20, 2017
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Honey-colored curls
fall down her back,
the twists and loops
framing her face
Every once in a
she would shove it
out of her face, as she gracefully
leans over her desk,
clutched in hand,
focusing on the paper
in front of her
whilst humming a cheery
show tune.
Boys and girls alike
and stared,
and stared,
captured by her beauty and
pure innocence.
She had no idea how
absolutely gorgeous she
had no idea how much people
wanted to
be her,
wanted to be
with her,
how many people
envied her.
She was immune to the world around her,
completely lost in
whatever she was so
carefully writing.
Almost everybody was
utterly enchanted by the girl
with the
princess name,
and plump lips,
and large, green
My god,
she could make an
atheist pray.

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Mimmawimma said...
Mar. 31 at 1:39 pm
Great Job!!!
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