Love then Heartbreak

March 20, 2017
By jordy959 BRONZE, Culpeper , Virginia
jordy959 BRONZE, Culpeper , Virginia
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He never questioned the power it held
He had been surrounded by it his whole life
His Dad’s always there to hug him
Always there to comfort him 

But this kind of love was unexpected
The kind that you can’t imagine a life without them
The kind where it alters your plans to incorporate them

This love made him awkward and nervous
Unsure where to place his hands on their body
Unsure when each moment was suppose to be a moment
Unsure of a lot

But it taught him
It guided his soft hands among the crevices of their body
And his lips upon the designs of their skin

It showed him that his heart could beat unnaturally fast
His stomach could shoot up, tightening his throat
Their pheromones had the ability to put him in a trance
And his mind constantly in a whirlpool of thoughts

It revealed parts of them he didn’t know existed within a human
Though they made him feel wanted
They always made him feel something

Which he concluded that the word Love
Could not demonstrate accurately



It cracked
Another tiny line trailing down his heart
As it dropped down to his feet
A simple: oh, left his lips
As he wanted for hers to say it was just a joke

But she didn’t
She kept a stone cold face
While a crystalized tear felt out of his eye

He imagined himself screaming at her
Screaming for her not to look so careless
Screaming for her to see the pain she inflicted onto him
Begging for her to not leave
But instead
He just stood there
With bouquet of flowers in one hand
And a thin layer of tears on the other

A small tear on the corner of his heart
A dog with fur of gold
Shined among the dirt

Who knew
A sound so horrifying
And deafening
Could be created from such a beautiful animal

He didn’t feel anything
When his knees were touching the dry dirt
And his eyes stayed wide in shock

He didn’t even hear his dads running over to him
He didn’t even feel his father place his hand on his shoulder
He didn’t even see his dad picking up the gold heap
He didn’t even feel anything

A chip of it fell off
Cutting every one of his organs on the way down
As he kept a forced smile on his face
While his mother stared at him from inside of the house

Four beach blond kids could be seen in a room from behind her
All staring down at their phones
Looking bored

He could feel his lip tremble
Not sure who was going to play the next move

The air became denser by the moment
The only thing that seemed to be separating them

A man showed up from behind her
He had a friendly face
But gave him a frown
“Who is this?” The man asked

His mother opened her mouth
The boy raised his eyebrows
His heart began to pump
Too fast
Too hard

Then it all stopped

“Just a boy from high school, fundraising,” she spoke softly.
“We don’t want anything, sorry.” Her eyes gave him a sympathetic look.
She closed the door.

The boy didn’t know a heart could shatter
Until he witnessed his father on his bed
Barely able to keep his eyes open
His skin slowly losing pigment

He always said :
I love you
Making the boy think it was his last time
Hearing those three words
That were slowly losing their meaning

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