The First Summer with His Friends

March 20, 2017

Never ending nights and new friends

the soft breeze tickling her skin.
Hammocks hung up high in the trees

swinging and swaying
rocking as if sailing over the ocean.
Sun dipping down and hiding under the horizon.

Everyone is laughing
with inside jokes made throughout years
of school, and their lives before she was there.

While sitting there with stars filling her eyes,
hope filled her chest,

waiting for their trust.

She slowly yet carelessly,

peeks up from the sides
of the swaying hammock.
Body, tiny but strong, shakes uncontrollably.

She discreetly listens to the conversations
“What’s the next thing we are going to do?”
Something else she hopes to be apart of.

The nights begin to end,
Everyone and now her,
talking, giggling - having the trust she waited for,
the stars that filled her eyes now fill the sky.
Finally everyone disappears one by one
Still friends, close friends.,
finishing a summer they won’t forget.

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