What is Summer

March 20, 2017
By , Austin, TX

The hot pavement of the street outside the house

Dancing across the road on tiptoes to stay in the shade

The mid day July sun reflects off the water of the pool
Reflecting what had been and what was now

Freckles show up darker on your cheeks

The warm nights that end too quickly
The hot days that smell like grass dried out by the sun
The sun’s rays peeking through the window shades on clear mornings

Flowers bloom

Rainy days that clear the sky of clouds
The color blue is happy

Darker skin and lighter hair
Old movies and not knowing what day it is
Big sunglasses and pretending not to care
There's nothing we have to do

Sinking under the water
Having wet eyelashes and red cheeks
Sunny days are so happy

What is summer

Never complain about the things you choose to do
Wrinkled skin could never make me hate the sun
Maybe I’m too young

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