March 20, 2017
By ClarissaHorsfall SILVER, Miami, Florida
ClarissaHorsfall SILVER, Miami, Florida
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I feel that we all have this belief, rather, this hope
That we will one day grow out of all of our flaws
That one day all of our insecurities will fade because all of the things causing them will fade with them
That someday our nose will suddenly shrink,
Or that our that our lips and eyes will blow up like balloons
Or that our straight, tree like wooden bodies will change form entirely into an ocean with the curves of breaking waves
Or that suddenly we will change our ways and have a smooth flow of conversation,
Or a light bulb in our brains,
Or a tounge like a whip, designed to crack jokes
Or maybe just becoming an entirely different puzzle piece that fits into one of the larger puzzles out there rather than being the part that no one can place
The truth is, that most of us do not grow out of these so called "flaws"
Those who do, in a sense, grow out of themselves
Because your flaws are what define you
That isn't something to be embarrassed of
Infact, it's something to be embraced
Your flaws are what separates you from the rest of the world
They are what makes you special
They are a bump in the road that stands out
They are something something believed that they should not be there
Truly noticed
Unlike a talent or quirk that is loved by many
Not something that fits a human ideal like a glove
A true uniqueness
They build insecurity and the challenge of overcoming it
Creating a whole range of real, raw emotions
Sending you on a journey that paints the subject in the painting of your persona
Everything else is just background sound
If you have a big nose, thin lips or dots for eyes, that's perfectly fine
Your face is how you are identified, representing you
It's what matches a person to their name
To someone who knows you, they see your face, and they see a mother, a daughter, a brother or a best friend
Someone smart, kind, funny or all three
Your face represents who you are, not the flaws you may see
Your big nose, thin lips or small eyes, your so called "flaws" represent whatever beauty you may hold within, and that's what makes them beautiful
A body like that of a strong sturdy tree cannot be compared to one like an ocean with as many curves as breaking waves
For it has what the other lacks
And vice versa
They are beautiful in entirely different ways
The same goes for those who don't glide into conversation but have light bulbs in their brains
And those who possess soft words of inspiration rather than whip like tounges that crack witty humour
There are many puzzles out there, which goes to prove that not every piece belongs to one of the largest
Perhaps a smaller puzzle creates a more wonderful picture
Perhaps you are a puzzle with only one piece
Whatever you are, grow into your flaws, not out of them

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