I Fell For You Completely

March 20, 2017
By , Merritt Island, FL

New schools are always scary,

Wanting to turn around and run away.

But the pain is only temporary.

Just have to get through the day.

At first glance, my eyes you caught,

With your khaki pants and royal blue shirt.

Never in a million years did i ever have a shot.

‘Cause in the end i would only be hurt.

What are the chances,

I was seated right behind you.

No matter the circumstances,

You’d always crack a joke or two.

You always knew how to make me smile

Especially on my hardest days.

You would text me every once in awhile,

Just to make sure i was okay.

I started to fall for you

With every passing day.

Everything you do,

I just can’t stay away.

I could never confess how I feel,

You dated my friend freshman year.

You liking me back was so surreal,

Our friendship was just too dear.

But one day I had to tell you

How much you really mean to me.

Soon it all came to view,

I fell for you completely.

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