A May Monday Morning

March 20, 2017
I trudge through the halls.
Hoping to make the minutes go by faster.
A soldier, hammering through the drills of the day.
The time’s unchanging landscape
rushes past me.
Shadows creep by
as I stare out the window
illuminated by a sunny day.

Black clouds approach.
Their shadow,
stark against the blue sky.

The wind infiltrates the building,
sending us into a blender of debris.
Windows shatter,
the glass stinging my neck like a swarm of bees.
Splinters, sharp as swords
slice into my back.
A beam gives way,
as the roof seeks a new resting place.

Pinned, each breath is a grueling endeavor.
I’m obligated to concentrate;
Seizing every second before the light changes.

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