The Weight of Water

March 19, 2017
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It moves, thundering across the bay
my vision blurred by the wall of roaring water
I run.
My consciousness waning under the weight of the ocean
time is compressed to a miniscule instant
forging a diamond from the memories which dance behind my eyes

A starfish floats past
pointing in all directions at once, it seems indecisive
as if it is trying to steer me to the surface
But cannot.
it glides down slowly
to take its place amongst the rubble

It is in one’s final moments that everything returns
flooding back with such incredible force
as to knock you off your feet if unprepared,
to accept the emerald water
and the diamond tumbling within the wave

It glints, captivating those who know nothing of it
for in the end it will be stolen, as all things are
like the breath stolen from lungs
and the blood stolen from veins
It sinks.
to rest with the coarse grains below

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