The Roman Numeral Heartbreak

March 19, 2017

Today I met you in a crowded hallway
While giggling, I shook your hand with nerve,
“My name is..." 
The way you kept looking into my eyes made me feel that you were interested in who I was,
more than my name

Months passed
And here I was, suffocated into the thought of you,
in love
You and I were something special I suppose.
The jokes you told at the cafe, and I was the only one that laughed.
We both laughed even harder
I felt so free when I was with you and I never wanted this compassion to end
My hands fit perfectly in yours when we were together

Where I stood now
I was hypnotized,
you had me going crazy over you
The girls that forced me to talk to you,
didn't talk to me.
Silent glares and eye contact with girls
I “Used to know”
They weren't worth my time anymore
But you were.

I sensed that we were drifting apart

Your behavior was mysterious
I appeared at your house to find you in your bedroom all by yourself
questioning why you didn't call for three days
“I don't know”
My heart dropped to the floor and anger rushed to my head
Words came out of my mouth at the speed of sound,
but with the worst possible words,
You returned the favor
“I hate you”
“Leave me alone forever”

twelve- pounds of tears dripped onto your comforter as
you told me goodbye.

My heart started to drip out of my chest at a slow pace
I look at you and you feel no sorrow
My so called world fell apart because of that one word
I had nowhere to run to
My head was spinning in a million different directions

Today, I saw you for the first time in a long time in a crowded hallway
I have never felt more like myself
You smiled as you passed me and waved

All of the memories came back that second and a single tear
raced down my face.
I stood there knowing that I am strong,
and thinking I needed you were silly thoughts
that kept me up months ago

I now think of myself, and who I am without you
You greeted me with hello
And I said goodbye.

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