She Is Weak But She Is Strong

March 19, 2017
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she is so weak
she would scream but she can only echo
for her voice is gone
she has been through the fire
and now her scars are visible to the world
as she cries her pain away
she was dating
but he was weaker than her
she cut her wrists
she could not even control one soul
how could she control another mind to stay alive
so she made a decision
to save herself from the tears
she would end it before she could not take it anymore
she would set herself free from his threats of self harm
when she told him they were done
he got so angry
he started calling her names
the girl was already scared of her own shadow
she already has enough scars
but the feeling of being mean
was the emotion that killed her the most
for she is weak
many say she is weak at least
but to me she is strong
she was able to break a relationship
for she was never in love
she is so weak
but she is strong

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