The Way of Life

March 19, 2017

Emerging into the world full of wonders
Not yet committing a sin
Not knowing what the future holds
Unable to do anything, almost helpless
As time passes, fantasies start to become realities

The care once received begins to fade slowly
Now responsibility becomes a priority
Those who once were responsible for you, 
now depend on you to tend for yourself
It becomes difficult to tend to for yourself and soon you find yourself in a void

In a void falling endlessly unable to resist and get back on your feet
The only way to keep yourself stable is by sacrificing
Sacrificing things that distract and deter you 
Then you'll begin to rise once again
Only to see yourself fall again

It becomes a repetition, something you begin to get used too
You're compelled to let whatever is to come happen
Not controlling your actions or the way you think
You fall helplessly deeper into the void
Soon your forgotten and the care you’ve always wanted once again becomes a fantasy

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