What I wish I could Miss

March 19, 2017
By stuff_name_hey SILVER, Miami, Florida
stuff_name_hey SILVER, Miami, Florida
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I miss when you liked me.        

I miss when you replied.        

I miss when I was the one you would rather be with.                   I miss when I was something special to you.     

I miss the easy conversations.

I miss not worrying about not being good enough for you.     

I miss being the one you think


I miss having your attention. 

I miss your smile, I love your smile.                                       

I miss the joking around.        

I miss the days on the trampoline.                                     

I miss when we would hang out and I would feel like this is where you wanted to be.            

I miss the simple fights.             

I miss the day you took those pictures.                                            

I miss the butterflies.                 

I miss the beat my heart would skip when I saw you.      

I miss the beat my heart would skip when my phone lit up and it was you.                            

I miss the good nights and the good mornings.                             

When did I trade it all in for pain ,tears   And text not replied.                        

When did you start to pull away?

When did I become not good enough?
When was I not the one you thought of?
When did I become the one that couldn't make you as happy as her?
I see the way you look at her even if you don't?
The way you talk about how you love her laugh the way I do yours.   
I'm sorry I couldn't  be better, more interesting. 
I know it would have been dumb to think this could last forever so I didn't I always knew something would make you lose interest even if unconsciously I hoped you wouldn't. I know you might be trying to hold this together, but I know that somewhere you know you rather be with some one else. It sucks, because I love you and I wish I could say I miss when you loved me but " I don't use that word" you say the truth you don't mean those words and those words are what wish I would have been given  the chance to miss.

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