The Flowing Mind

March 19, 2017
By , chicago, IL

The rain is heavenly tears,
The white, wine moon encases all fears.

The bleeding sun is the sky’s pride,
But the river of hope subsides.

The snow is earth’s disguise,
While the cool fall breeze opens your eyes.

The ocean waves foam with anger,
While the stream quietly lingers.

The sea’s depths cry out for light,
But the azure heavens darken out of spite.

The rolling hills try to become bold,
While mountains broaden but still remain ice cold.

The mud covers us in sin,
While the puddles show us who we could’ve been.

The flowers grow towards ambitious goals,
But the meadow grass demonstrates control.

The green forest embraces life,
While the expanse of desert produces strife.

I glance towards the sky,
To only imagine, what am I?

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