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Meteors shower

Tumbling off the roof

Her and I watch in awe
Taking in every second together

Rocks land making impact with Earth
Crashing into our world
Meeting for the first time
I remember the first time I met her

On an ordinary day last winter
Her rosy cheeks and flushed nose
Delicately smiled back at me
So sincerely, so graceful, and so innocent

The meteors keep falling
One small piece stuck in her hair
I hesitantly move closer, my breath trembles
Tucking her perfect locks carefully behind her ear

I feel like the king of the world
Atop the roof with her by my side
I can conquer anything - maybe not my biggest fears
And in a single second our eyes lock together

Reality spins around us
But time seemingly stops
Finally, I think to myself
I have the world at my fingertips

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