March 16, 2017

I’m boarding the plane on a standby ticket
Looking around at the foreign grey walls
I don’t know where I’m going
Or why I’m here

Beside me is a man in a military uniform
He is strong but I can tell he’s worn out
His wife and baby son are waiting at home
And he can’t wait to meet him

Across the aisle is an aspiring musician strumming her guitar quietly
She is filled with hope, mindlessly humming songs
The papers rustle, her head spinning with ideas
And she can’t wait for a fresh start

One section ahead is a woman crying faintly
She is going to visit her parents in retirement
The ache of her heart bleeds every day she’s not with them
And she can’t bear to be away any longer

In first class is a cookie-cutter businessman
He is about to give the presentation of a lifetime
Palms sweating, he continues to review his slides
And he hopes he has prepared enough

Giggling in the back is a young couple fresh off their honeymoon
They are cuddling each other, grinning ear to ear
The halo of happiness still floats above their heads
And they can’t wait for the rest of their lives to begin

Standing at the front is the stewardess who handed me a bag of chips earlier
She is running away from her life, keeping a smile plastered across her face
Time zones may change but the world still goes on
And she doesn’t know where her home is

I’m exiting the plane on a used standby ticket
Looking around at the uniform grey walls
But then I see a familiar smile holding up a sign with my name
I know why I’m here.

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