Star-Speckled Sundance

March 16, 2017
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They lay beneath a star-speckled sky, the ceaseless twinkling of stars casting an illuminated shadow against his calm, thoughtful face. She clutches his hand, pressing freezing palms against his own, whispering timidly in his ear of her boundless affection, and constant adoration. He cannot help but allow a pleased smile to inch across his face. They talk endlessly for hours into the night, as a glassy eyed moon stares down in approval.




She laughs quietly, and the conversation breaks into nothingness, until the silent chirp of crickets and the rustle of their sleeping bags are the only noises that can be heard. They lay outstretched, side by side, only their hands touch, connecting them in some type of infinite solitude. He hears her breathe heavily, and tilts his head sideways. He watches as she does the same, slowly, and obviously.




Electricity courses through their fingers, as they stare another moment, eyes locked for just a single second more. Her hair the color of mahogany rippled aimlessly down her back, and covered half of her face, so it appeared she was half shadow. Although even in the inky, dewy darkness, her blinding beryl eyes pierced through the blinding night, and a cool breeze rustled aching, stretched treetops. Her lips were full, chapped, and reddened from the cold. His hair was a desolate black, the color of the sky they lay beneath, though his eyes were a striking emerald that twinkled mischievously, and begged her to come closer. He brushed her face gently, so the other side was exposed.




Her breath fluttered in anticipation, and cautiously, he leaned forward, watching to see if she’d flinch, if she’d run. She stayed, as her rapid breath caught in her throat. She stared at his lips as they neared her own, and then her eyes travelled back to his, and he stopped just inches from her quivering lips. A few quickened glances to different parts of her face was all she could take as she gently fingered his soft, messy hair, and pulled him closer, until they were as close as they’d ever been. He paused once more, to whisper three simple words, “I love you.” Before the warmth of her lips encased his, and they felt free at last, as their arms brushed against each other, and their lips molded together under a starry, watchful sky.

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