Smoke Is Silence

March 16, 2017
By HunTerrible SILVER, Parker, Colorado
HunTerrible SILVER, Parker, Colorado
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"Sometimes you have to swim upstream to see the lake the water comes from"
-Hunter Ball

Smoke is Silence.

Like a serpent,
Silently slithering
Spiraling up
Strangling you

Smoke surpasses
The borders set up
By the system.

Stalling the simple sights
Of the secretive

Smoke is the stuff
That is opaque
Yet the only thing
See through

Is you.

The scent of smoke
Smothers the mindset
And sometimes
The silence spells out

The flaws of the fire
Filling the room with
Free space;

Smoke is silence.

The author's comments:

I made this piece because I realized smoke is silent, yet the fire roars. The smoke is like a silent killer, so I tried to personify it.

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